Kansas Dairy Association

The Kansas Dairy Association primarily focuses on Legislative issues that affect the Kansas Dairy Industry.  We use a professional lobbyist in Topeka to monitor issues that affect Kansas dairymen and the Kansas Dairy Industry.  From time to time, and when necessary, we may introduce legislation.   These decisions are made and directed by the KDA board of directors.

They meet three to four times a year to hear reports and discuss issues affecting Kansas dairymen.  When doing this, we always seek support from other agricultural groups within the state.

At times the KDA board may feel it necessary to be involved in national dairy issues.

We then work with our State Congressional Representatives and Senators and/or the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF).

The Kansas Dairy Association is funded through two primary sources.  We offer associate memberships to individuals and businesses who desire to support our endeavors.  At the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, KDA operates an ice cream stand.  Profits from this project also fund the Association.

The Kansas Dairy Association is involved in other statewide activities as well.  Many times it is partnering with the Kansas Dairy Commission (KDC).