KDA Programs and Activities


Legislative representation

Probably the most important activity for KDA, is having a presence in the State Legislature.

Kansas Dairy Association uses the services of Tom Bruno and Associates to daily monitor activity in the Legislature.  This includes the monitoring of bills that have direct or indirect effects on Kansas dairymen and/or the Kansas Dairy industry.  From time to time KDA will introduce bills on behalf of Kansas dairymen and the state dairy industry.

Tom Bruno
Bruno & Associates
800 SW Jackson, Ste. 914
Topeka, KS 66612
Office: (785) 354-8172
Cell: (785) 633-2127
E-mail: kslobby@cox.net

Legislative Reception

KDA sponsors an informal reception for State Legislators.  This allows some time for board members to meet and visit on a one-on-one basis and issues affecting Kansas dairymen.

This usually occurs in February where ice cream and cheese are served.

Dairy Bar

KDA operates a concession stand at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson.  The main menu item is ice cream.  For years, this stand ranks as one of the most popular food stands on the Fairgrounds.  The profit from this stand goes towards funding activities of KDA.  It also provides an opportunity to promote the dairy industry.


KDA frequently partners with its sister organization, KDC, on other projects/activities throughout the state.  (Refer to Kansas Dairy Commission Activities)